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The Top 10 Food Bloggers in China 2013

The sheer amount of foods on offer in China can be quite overwhelming, so it helps to get some expert advice. We explore some of the best food blogs in China to make sure you get the best culinary experience, no matter where you are.

With a rich culinary culture developed over generations, there is no shortage of great food options in China. But to the uninitiated, perusing the sheer number of restaurants can be a daunting task. So let’s bring in the professionals. We take a look at a small sampling of some of the best food blogs in China to help those new to the country or even those that have lived in the country for years experience the best gastronomical offerings available.

Hong Kong

The influence of Western culture is pronounced in Hong Kong and has resulted in a dynamic food culture unlike that of any other region in China. A dedicated team of bloggers has taken it upon themselves to educate the masses about the best places to enjoy a great meal whilst in Hong Kong.

1. Taste Hong Kong -

For those that enjoy creating their own dishes at home, Taste Hong Kong has a great range of recipes and cooking tips for all manner of Asian food. With a focus on Hong Kong-style cuisine, each recipe and post is accompanied by beautiful photographs.

2. Hong Kong Food Blog -

Anna juggles a career in human resources with a passion for food, and shares her thoughts on the best places to enjoy Hong Kong’s dynamic cuisine. Established in 2007, this Hong Kong food blog provides a comprehensive guide to the best restaurants to dine at in Hong Kong, eating tips and general tips for visitors to the area.

3. E-Ting Food -

One of the longest running food blogs in Hong Kong, e_ting has been providing advice on the best places to eat and cooking tips for traditional style Hong Kong food since 2002. e_ting’s Hong Kong List has to be one of the most comprehensive lists of where to get the best meal in all of Hong Kong. Whatever you have a hankering for, e_ting is in the know: from coffee to ramen to Beijing, Sichuan and Cantonese style food, to the hottest places to be seen whilst out and about.


The capital of China for centuries, Beijing cuisine reflects a variety of influences from all over the nation. Equally shaped by Mongol invaders from the 14th century, chefs at the imperial court and cuisine from the eastern Shandong province, there is a wealth of culinary options on offer. These dedicated food bloggers help make sense of the thousands of options available to people in Beijing.

4. Cook Me Beijing -

As the website’s URL may allude to, the focus of this particular blog is on some of the sweet treats of Beijing. Though the site is relatively youthful in comparison to some of the more established food blogs, since early 2012 Cook Me Beijing has provided a great source for some of the best Eastern treats and Western style delicacies.

5. Bites of Beijing -

Whilst no longer updated, Bites of Beijing was written by a Canadian student studying in Beijing for a year across 2012. The resulting blog is a surprisingly comprehensive list of some of the best culinary experiences on offer in downtown Beijing. The food map on the page is a convenient feature that visually presents all the best restaurants and eateries in the area.

6. Beijing Boyce -

Whilst not strictly food based, Beijing Boyce, along with sister site Grape Wall of China is one of the most extensive guides to the bar scene in Beijing. The site has become a ‘bar bible’ with its almost daily updates, and since 2005 has been one of the most trusted sources of information about Beijing’s nightlife.

7. Eileen Eats -

Eileen Wen Mooney is a busy woman. When she’s not keeping visitors to her blog updated on the tastiest treats that Beijing has to offer, she moonlights as a food guide editor, published author and even runs her own cooking school. With credentials like this, it’s easy to see how her food blog is a valued resource to those looking to expand their horizons when it comes to sampling some of the best dishes around Beijing. Be sure to check out the glossary of terms and essential words for those uninitiated to Chinese cuisine.


Being a relatively new city in China, Shanghai does not have a particular cuisine of its own, but rather it refines the tastes and flavours of surrounding provinces such as Zhejiang and Jiangsu. The explosive growth of Shanghai has parallelled the expansion and development of the city’s food scene, and a number of dedicated bloggers have committed themselves to sharing the best establishments to visit.

8. Sugared and Spiced -

Although Cindy has now moved to Paris to learn the finer aspects of pastry making, her blog provides an in depth report on the best that Shanghai has to offer for brunch, afternoon tea and fine dining. With dozens of entries over a three year period, Cindy has amassed a treasure trove of information for foodies and offers guests to her page the ability to view articles based on cuisine, time of day, location and price. Be sure to check out the favorites section to get a quick snapshot of some of the best eateries in Shanghai.

9. Shanghai Uncovered -

One of the newest food blogs in Shanghai, Peter posts informative and impartial reviews of restaurants within the Shanghai region. Being an ethnic Chinese born in the UK, he is able to appreciate Western and Eastern cuisine in equal measure and presents a unique take on the best places to eat. Whilst content is a little thin at this point, each restaurant is analysed based on the value for money, food quality, service and ambiance, for a comprehensive review of each establishment. 

10. Shanghai Food List -

Whilst the title of Jake DeLois’s blog may allude to street food, there is far more on offer on this blog, covering everything from fine dining restaurants to wet commentaries. But true to his roots, what DeLois does best is street food, cataloguing the most delectable dishes to try in Shanghai. Beautifully presented with engaging editorials and mouth-watering pictures, for anyone looking to try the best dishes that the streets of Shanghai have to offer, this is the best place to start.


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