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Happy Campers: Summer Camps in Shanghai 2014

Send kids to a camp that will engage their minds this summer.

For a kid, there’s nothing as highly anticipated as those wonderful, free months of summer. For parents, there’s nothing quite as daunting as trying to keep kids occupied, engaged and out of mom and dad’s hair for the summer. After all, many schools and parents alike expect kids to read and continue learning over the summer instead of taking that time off and forgetting what they have learned over the past school year. Luckily, there are a multitude of camps in and around Shanghai for kids; camps with instructors who will make sure kids are entertained and excited about learning something new.

Summer is the perfect time for kids to improve a skill, pick up a new one or perfect a passion. Take some time to understand what your child is really interested in learning about this summer. Understanding his or her interests and needs will make the summer camp process that much easier and more enjoyable for parents and kids alike. Summer camps come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from sports to the arts to languages, and from half days to six full days per week. Your child will thank you for the effort you put into finding him or her the perfect camp.

For Your Tiny Dancer

Kids as young as four can get in on this ballet camp held at Dance Studio 5, perfect for families with younger kids who want to emulate their older siblings. Classes go up through eight years old. This camp lasts for a week (from June 30 through July 5, including Saturday) and focuses on the very basics with younger kids while exploring more advanced technique in the older class. Parents and friends can see the progress everyone has made throughout the week in an open performance on the last day of camp.

For Your Beckham in Training

At the Western International School of Shanghai, kids can get high-level English football lessons. They’ll learn different skills throughout the week (the camp lasts from June 30 to July 4 and from July 7 to 11) in a fun way that lets them compete and practice what they’ve learned. One nice thing about this camp is that the age range is wide, from four through 15, offering a one-stop camp option for families with children whose ages are spread out. Another perk is that if one child is a football fan and one isn’t, there is an academic camp offered here too. But it won’t be all work and no play. Each day of the academic camp finishes with an hour and a half of outdoor playtime.

For the Next Van Gogh

This fun and flexible camp gives kids a chance to let their creativity out and explore the possibilities of clay to express their artistic sides. Parents can buy a group of eight classes to use whenever they like (classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 p.m to 3:30) between the dates of July 1 and August 28. This is a nice option for families that have a vacation planned for summer or a more erratic schedule. You’ll still get your money’s worth as long as the kids can make it to eight classes anytime throughout the two months. The Pottery Workshop’s Kids Clay Adventure Camp is for ages 5-11 and includes all the supplies for kids to make whatever they can imagine, as well as kiln firings to finish their pieces.

For Busy Babies

Children as young as 18 months and up to six years are welcome at The Child Academy International Preschool and Kindergarten’s bilingual summer camp. This is a great option for busy parents who need part or full-time childcare throughout the summer but don’t want to sacrifice their youngster’s education (especially since there is even a bussing option!). Parents can elect for half or full days for the camp’s duration from June 30 to August 22. Working parents will appreciate the full-time schedule that keeps kids engaged and occupied while the adults are away, and kids will like the more relaxed agenda and fun weekly themes: from the zoo to water sports to the museum. Each theme has fun, associated activities that will both teach and amuse campers.

For the Next Spielberg

The New York Film Academy at Concordia has a really exciting opportunity for budding filmmakers this summer. At this camp, kids will learn to write, shoot, direct and edit their very own short films. If your child is at all interested in film, this is a unique opportunity for him or her to get some real-life experience and learn what the business of filmmaking is really like. These sessions for 10- to 13-year-olds and 14- to 17-year-olds will be held at the Concordia International School Shanghai from June 17 through July 12 every day except Sunday.

For the Chinese Newbie

If your family is new to Shanghai, China, or the kids (or adults!) just need to improve their Chinese-speaking skills, That’s Mandarin has a fitting program for them. Kids will learn more than just language skills; they’ll get to explore the city (Shanghai and Beijing are both options) and learn about its culture. There are a variety of camps ranging for ages seven through 17, including half days, full days and overnight camps. There are camps designed for locals, newcomers, entire families, and students studying abroad, with starting June 16 and continuing through August 11. If you’re new to the Chinese culture, consider this your crash course.


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