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Shenzhen Vs. Chongqing - A city comparison

China Health Insurance compares expat living in two of China’s up and coming cities: Shenzhen and Chongqing.

Healthy Asian Cuisine - Part 1: Taiwan

Hungry and looking to expand your knowledge on Asian cuisine? Do it the healthy way with our guide!

The Last Frontier of Food

CHI investigates how astronauts perform the most basic human function differently in space

Fine Dining Battles Street Food in Shanghai

Confused over whether to splash out on fine dining, or save the cash & opt for street food in Shanghai? CHI helps you decide!

East v West: Enjoying Cultural Differences in China

CHI takes a look at the cultural differences in China, from manners and domestic helpers to karaoke and mahjong.

Hidden Gems: The Cleanest Beaches in China

CHI takes a close look at China’s mammoth coastline to unearth some of the country’s less well known beaches that are also among its cleanest.

The Wonders of China - Part 2

Continuing the top most beautiful and scenic places to visit in China.

Everything You Need To Know About Street Food In China

China Health Insurance presents a guide to delicious street food widely available throughout China.

The Wonders of China – Part 1

China Health Insurance takes a look at the most beautiful and scenic places to visit in China

A Weekend Travel Guide to Shanghai

Information and advice on weekend sights and attractions in Shanghai