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The Health Benefits of Tofu

Tofu isn’t as bad as it sounds! Learn about its history, uses, benefits, and how it can even taste good.

Quick Mini-Breaks in China – Part 4

China Health Insurance offers three more suggestions for a fun quick getaway inside China.

The Most Important Vitamins - And Where to Find Them in Chinese Foods

A small guide on how to get the Vitamins and Minerals your body needs while in China.

A Useful Guide To Chinese Holidays

China Health Insurance takes a look at Chinese holidays, as well as non-Chinese holidays that have recently been adopted by China from the West.

Top Tips on Where to Buy a Bike in Shanghai

Some of the best bike shops in Shanghai, and what your purchase will say about you.

Rediscover Your Creativity in Beijing

Take back the creativity you unlearned in school!

Power Up & Paddle! Get Those Muscles Working on a Dragon Boat Team

As dragon boat race season 2013 takes over rivers and seas across South East Asia, we investigate what benefits paddling has for the body (and soul).

Shanghai Vs. Beijing, Which Is The Best City For You?

China Health Insurance takes a look at the pros and cons of the two most popular cities in China: Shanghai and Beijing!

Quick Mini-Breaks in China - Part 3

Three more interesting and unique quick getaway destinations in China.

10 Great Adventure Races in China

Want to combine a vacation with some serious sporting activity? Consider China the perfect adventure challenge.