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Quick Mini-Breaks in China – Part 2

China Health Insurance offers a few more suggestions on where to get away to for a quick break in China.

Dragon Boating: Much More Than Just Banging and Drumming

A exploration and explanation of some of the myths surrounding the ancient Chinese dragon boat tradition

China: A Summer Survival Guide

How to make the most of China this summer without succumbing to heat-stroke.

Quick Mini-Breaks in China – Part 1

Desperate to get out of the city? Read on to learn more about the endless mini-break opportunities in China.

Things You May Not Have Known About Temples

If temples and history are your thing, read on for some lesser-known facts about temples from around the world

Exploring China's Cities by Foot

CHI takes a look at some of the best cities in China to explore by foot this spring/summer.

A Daily Dose of Sunshine in Beijing

Check out the best places to catch some sun this summer in Beijing.

Summertime Sights in Shanghai

CHI checks out some of the best places to visit in Shanghai during summer.

4 Fun Western Traditions Being Adopted in China

With China increasingly embracing elements of Western culture, we explore some of these traditions being adopted by the far East.

Family Activities in Beijing: The Ultimate Fun List

Looking for great ways to keep your little one's busy and help them learn at the same time? Then check out our guide.