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How to Get Around Shanghai and Beijing for ¥2 or Less

Making the most of public transit in China.

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Winter in the City

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4 Creative Ways to Spend Your Winter Break in Asia

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Festive Sights and Events for Christmas in Shanghai

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Best Places To Purchase Herbal Medicines in Hong Kong

Whether you’re looking for a treatment for allergies or a remedy for your back pain, there’s bound to be a traditional Chinese medicine to fit the bill. We explore some of the best areas to peruse and purchase traditional medicines in Hong Kong

The Hottest Pots: Where to Find the Best Hot Pot in Beijing

As temperatures nosedive in northern China, Beijingers know that the perfect way to take solace from those icy Siberian blasts is to head for the nearest hot pot restaurant.

China’s Smoking Epidemic and How You Can Protect Yourself

Buck the trend and embrace healthy lungs!