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A Guide to Local Gluten-Free Dishes

Use our guide to help you navigate your way around the menu and find some tasty local dishes that are also gluten-free.

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Winter in the City

We’ll get you ready for winter with practical advice on what you can do to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the colder months ahead.

Great Tastes, Fewer Calories: Festive Recipes

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China’s Smoking Epidemic and How You Can Protect Yourself

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How to Survive Pollution in China

Small actions with the power to create big change.

Born Slurpy – Are These the Healthiest Soups on the Planet?

Looking for a fast and efficient way to max out on your daily quota of nutritional goodness in one hit? The humble bowl of soup is the way to go, and these recipes will have you slurping your way to good health.

Men's Health Guide: Keeping Fit With A Busy Schedule In China

Working from dawn to dusk and no time for exercise? Here are some tips that can help.

Health and Safety: On the road in China

It is easy to get stressed out when travelling by road in China, so here we offer some tips and advice on how to stay safe.

Where to Get Vitamins and Supplements In Shanghai

Here are some reliable sources for all your vitamin needs in Shanghai.

Survive the Summer With Traditional Chinese Medicine

We take a look at some TCM methods for staying cool and healthy this summer.