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Can Practicing Art Better Our Mental Health?

How being creative can help disorders

Healthy Asian Cuisine - Part 2: Thai

Here's part 2 of CHI's health Asian cuisine guide. In this article, we look at Thai food! Yum!

Healthy Asian Cuisine - Part 1: Taiwan

Hungry and looking to expand your knowledge on Asian cuisine? Do it the healthy way with our guide!

The Last Frontier of Food

CHI investigates how astronauts perform the most basic human function differently in space

The Most Important Vitamins - And Where to Find Them in Chinese Foods

A small guide on how to get the Vitamins and Minerals your body needs while in China.

The Best Places to Eat in Beijing

China is all about food! From roast duck to fried scorpion, there's plenty on offer in both restaurants and from street vendors. Due to so much choice, it can be confusing as to which are the best of the best. Well, sit back and relax as CHI has done all the leg work for you.

Vices...That Are Good for You?

There are many people who like to drink on a weekend, or are a little obsessed with chocolate or coffee, but at the end of the day we're only human! Not all addictions can be bad though, CHI looks at some vices that are good for us.

Top 7 Tips on How to Protect Your Lungs from the Damaging Effects of Smog

With pollution firmly cemented as one of the most pressing issues of this generation, find out how to protect your lungs from the damaging effects of smog.

Simple Chinese Recipes for Traditionally Incompetent Cooks

Got a hankering for Chinese food and want to keep healthy, but don’t have the cooking skills to match? Try some of these recipes, which are simple and healthy.

Insurance On A Budget

Purchasing insurance can be daunting. The choices are vast and, for many of us, the costs can seem overwhelming. Follow our budget-friendly tips to help you get the coverage you need at the right price.