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Avoid the Winter Blues by Visiting the Best Parks in Beijing

Don't stay indoors and hibernate during the cold winter months. Get out more and spend time with family outdoors with CHI's guide to the best parks in Beijing

Bamboo Your Way To Better Health

Did you know that bamboo comes with an array of health benefits? CHI explores the medicinal use of bamboo

As Healthy As a Chinese Farmer

Tips from Chinese farmers on how to remain healthy with exercise, activity and diet.

Organic Food in China

There is a lot of hype surrounding organic food and whether it's better as opposed to normal foods. CHI gives the low down on organic food and whether it's really worth paying extra for.

Sino Smog Survivial: Tips On Surviving Pollution in Beijing

This week Alex looks at the pollution in Beijing and offers tips on how to get through heavily polluted days in the city.

Spice Up Your Life! Chinese Spices and Your Health

China famous for not only its tea, but also its food. CHI takes a look at how spices can be good for your health

Eating Healthy in Shanghai

Shanghai has many traditionally unhealthy local dishes. However, with a burgeoning expat community, an awareness of the pesticides used in some produce, and an increase in organic food available, Shanghai is beginning to change for the better.

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

Surrounded by the mystery of an ancient civilisation, one martial art still appeals to those seeking an opportunity to earn discipline, grace, balance and above all, inner peace.

Men's Health in China

Men's health is very important, especially as recent statistics reveal a gender imbalance. CHI takes a look at the health risks men face today.

Health Foods of Asia: Medicinal Munchies

We look at a few unusual examples of Asian food and how each can specifically lead to a healthier lifestyle.