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Eat More Fruit and Veg! 5 Top Tips

New year, new you? We’ve got some great tips for adding healthy fruit and vegetables into your regular diet.

The Hottest Pots: Where to Find the Best Hot Pot in Beijing

As temperatures nosedive in northern China, Beijingers know that the perfect way to take solace from those icy Siberian blasts is to head for the nearest hot pot restaurant.

Born Slurpy – Are These the Healthiest Soups on the Planet?

Looking for a fast and efficient way to max out on your daily quota of nutritional goodness in one hit? The humble bowl of soup is the way to go, and these recipes will have you slurping your way to good health.

The Best Yoga Retreats in China

If you’re looking to combine a short trip with the chance to reconnect, recharge and unwind, a yoga retreat may be just the tonic. We list five of the best in China.

Luxury Stays: The Swankiest Hotels in China

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of luxury! We round up the most luxurious hotels in China.

Get Your Vitamins with the Superfoods of Asia

Looking to get the most out of local foods? Asian superfoods contain all you need for a vitamin packed five-a-day regime.

Top 3 Apps to Survive Summer in the City

It may be hot but life goes on – here are three apps to get you through the season.

Healthy Asian Cuisine - Part 1: Taiwan

Hungry and looking to expand your knowledge on Asian cuisine? Do it the healthy way with our guide!

Fine Dining Battles Street Food in Shanghai

Confused over whether to splash out on fine dining, or save the cash & opt for street food in Shanghai? CHI helps you decide!

East v West: Enjoying Cultural Differences in China

CHI takes a look at the cultural differences in China, from manners and domestic helpers to karaoke and mahjong.