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Chinese Massage 101

Ancient in origin and integral to the holistic practice of Chinese Medicine, the benefits of Chinese massage techniques have won over many in the West too thanks to its standalone therapeutic and calming effects. If you’re interested in visiting a spa or massage parlor, but hesitant because you are unsure of what to expect, here’s our short guide to help you relax and enjoy Chinese massage.


Men's Health in China

Men's health is very important, especially as recent statistics reveal a gender imbalance. CHI takes a look at the health risks men face today.

Weekend Trips From Guangzhou

Located in southern China, Guangzhou itself is a typical mega-city, but it is close enough to a few exotic locations/cultural sites that are worth visiting. We haven’t included any day trips, just places for an entire weekend stay.

The Most Popular Alternative Therapies in China

China is the undisputed birthplace and home of alternative medical therapies, and most of the treatments available today fall under the umbrella of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Read more to view the most popular alternative therapies in China.

Common Children's Health Issues in China

Around the world children are more susceptible to illness, with their young immune system. Learn about the the most common of illnesses for the little ones in China.

The Most Popular Sports in China

Surprisingly, basketball is among the top sports in China. In the early 1990's the introduction of the sport was popularized by the nation and caught on fire. Badminton as well, hosts a wealth of famous sportsman.

Great Weekend Trips away from Beijing

If you live in Beijing as a local, student, or expat, there is no doubt that from time to time you need to escape the rush and pressure of the city to decompress. Take a look at our expert suggestions on where to go and how to get there, we're sure you can find a way to relax outside the city.