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The Expat’s Guide to Staying In Shape During the Holiday Season

Heading home over the holidays? Keep your shape and sanity with these helpful tips.

Selecting the Best Smog Mask for China

Tired of filling your lungs with dust and chemicals? Get a mask that will handle both of these pollutants and keep you safe.

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Working from dawn to dusk and no time for exercise? Here are some tips that can help.

Healthy Mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival

Love them or hate them, mooncakes are a key element of the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, so here are some lighter options.

China Tops the List of the World’s 6 Largest Buildings

China is proving that it can be a world leader in construction.

Quick Mini-Breaks in China – Part 5

Harbin, Inner Mongolia, and Xiamen: Three more great getaways in China.

As Healthy As a Chinese Farmer

Tips from Chinese farmers on how to remain healthy with exercise, activity and diet.