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The Best Seafood Restaurants in Shanghai

Recommendations for some of the best seafood restaurants Shanghai has to offer.

Eat Well, Live Well: The 8 Healthiest Restaurants in Beijing

With thousands of restaurants to choose from, foodies in Beijing have no shortage of culinary options. We explore some of the best restaurants and cafes that are working out exciting ways to blend nutritious ingredients to delicious ends.

The Hottest Pots: Where to Find the Best Hot Pot in Beijing

As temperatures nosedive in northern China, Beijingers know that the perfect way to take solace from those icy Siberian blasts is to head for the nearest hot pot restaurant.

Ten of the Best Restaurants in All of China

The Chinese know a thing or two about the finer things in life. Recent trends have shown Chinese consumers enjoy everything from high-end handbags to imported wines. It’s no wonder the food industry in China has exploded alongside the country’s rapid economic growth.

The Ultimate Guide To Organic Food In Shanghai

The best places in Shanghai for organic groceries, delivery, farmer’s markets, and more.

Fine Dining Battles Street Food in Shanghai

Confused over whether to splash out on fine dining, or save the cash & opt for street food in Shanghai? CHI helps you decide!

A Weekend Travel Guide to Shanghai

Information and advice on weekend sights and attractions in Shanghai