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Chronic conditions are defined as: A Disease or illness that has no recognized cure, is continuous over a long period of time or that remains with an individual indefinitely. Once an individual is diagnosed with a chronic condition they are likely to require treatment for the rest of their life.

Chronic conditions can be severe as in the case of cardiovascular difficulties, or innocuous, such as allergies or skin conditions. Chronic conditions are among the most common and preventable medical issues. As individuals age the likelihood of being diagnosed with a Chronic Condition is higher; it is recommended that, if you are an older person, you consider buying a health insurance plan that provides protection for chronic conditions.

If an international health insurance plan covers a chronic condition in full it will be more expensive than a plan that offers only partial or no cover. Typically China health insurance plans will either come with annual limits, lifetime limits or coverage of the acute phases of chronic conditions, the differences between these types of chronic condition health insurance coverage are explained below.

Annual Limits on Chronic Condition Insurance

Having an annual limit on the cover of chronic conditions on your health insurance plan will mean that related treatments will be covered up to a set amount every year.

Lifetime Limits on Chronic Condition Health Insurance

A chronic condition benefit with a lifetime limit on a health insurance plan will cover all treatment for the condition up until a preset limit is reached over the lifetime of the plan. However, after the limit is reached, the health insurance policy will cover no further treatment related to the chronic condition.

Acute Coverage on Chronic Condition Medical Insurance

If an international health insurance plan contains acute coverage for chronic conditions, this means that in instances where the condition causes a rapid worsening of the health of the policyholder such as the occurrence of an asthma attack, then treatment from the doctor or the hospital will be covered. However, the policy will not cover ongoing treatment for the chronic condition if the symptoms or treatment extend over a longer period of time

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Some international health insurance plans exclude chronic condition cover to keep premiums low, these plans are often attractive to young people who have less reason to be concerned about contracting a chronic condition; however, other plans will put a lifetime or annual limit on coverage. Many chronic conditions are pre-existing when a person enters a policy. We can help find a plan that will offer protection for most pre-existing or chronic condition.

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