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At China Health Insurance, we are focused on helping people in China find the most appropriate health insurance, whether that is a local onshore health plan, or a global health insurance plan which may be better suited to mobile expatriates. The plans that we work with that can provide global healthcare coverage may vary slightly, given that they come from a number of different insurance companies, however most will typically offer two geographic areas of coverage:

  • Worldwide
  • Worldwide excluding the USA and Canada

Health plans that exclude coverage of healthcare in North America typically do so because of the high costs of receiving treatment in the region, and in the USA especially. However, even plans with this geographic exclusion will still provide coverage for emergency treatments while in North America, meaning that the exclusion only pertains to elective surgery or treatments in those countries. Plans that provide coverage in the USA are also subject to American insurance regulations.

It is often recommended that those who are not planning to live in, or travel to, North America select a plan that excludes coverage in that geographic area, as these plans will typically come with a lower premium than those that do cover North America. For those who may find themselves relocating to the USA or Canada, or wish to have the option to avail themselves of specialized hospitals or clinics in those countries a global health insurance policy that covers North America may be preferable.

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Our Advisers can help you search for a health plan that provides you with the coverage you need, whether you need a policy more localized to China or one that provides more international reach.

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