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Newborn Child Health Insurance is typically available with a Maternity Health Insurance policy. China Health Insurance can help to find you the best medical protection for your newly born child which will ensure that the infant has the comprehensive medical protection needed for the rest of life.

Newborn Child and Infant health insurance in China can be vital, especially as medical costs at leading Chinese hospitals are constantly increasing. If your child is born with a severe medical condition requiring immediate care after their birth the costs of these procedures can be extremely high. This is due to the special care which must be taken with infants, and the complex surgical procedures needed in the event of a baby being born with a congenital birth defect. For example, if your child is born with a liver condition which requires a transplant, the cost of that treatment can very quickly reach RMB 1,000,000 or more.

To give your baby the protection that it will need for the rest of life, China Health Insurance strongly suggests that you consider obtaining a Chinese Medical Insurance plan which includes Newborn Child Coverage.

China Newborn Child Insurance Coverage

Newborn Child Coverage Medical Insurance will protect your newly born baby against the costs associated with medical treatment in the event that the child is born with any form of severe medical condition or a congenital birth defect.

Newborn Child Insurance coverage is typically offered in one of two distinct ways, with the exact scope of the coverage provided varying between each insurance company. However, for the purposes of clarification we will provide a short synopsis on the two different types of newborn child medical protection and how each option may impact your health insurance plan.

Free Insurance Benefit for the Child

A newborn child insurance benefit may be offered on a free basis, this is commonly referred to as A Free Benefit for the Child.

If your plan includes a free benefit then your existing maternity insurance policy will provide limited newborn child coverage for free under the plan – you will not have to pay a higher premium to take advantage of this coverage.

However, the risk of a free benefit is that this type of coverage is usually limited – often time or cost based. For example, your maternity insurance plan includes a free benefit for newborn child coverage but limits the protection afforded to the infant to 30 days after birth and/or medical treatment up to US$30,000*; whichever comes first.

Under the free benefit you child will receive medical insurance protection under the existing china health insurance policy up to the defined limits. In the event of the infant being born with a severe medical condition the child will receive protection against medical costs associated with the treatment of that condition until the limit has been reached.

Once the limit has been reach, then you will have to submit a new application to the insurance company to arrange continuing coverage; if the application is accepted then you will have to pay an annual premium to continue providing medical protection to the infant. The benefit is free only whilst the limits have not been reached, and making an application for continuing coverage after the limits have been exceeded will require a premium.

It is important to note that this application will be treated as new, and underwritten accordingly – which may prove problematic in the event that the child has been born with a medical condition. This is because of the fact that any medical condition which was present prior to enrolling on a health insurance plan is normally considered pre-existing, and may be excluded from the coverage upon the new application being submitted to the insurer.

For more information about pre-existing condition coverage please click Pre-existing Condition Insurance in China.

*The limits associated with a free benefit will generally vary between insurance companies. The limits we have identified above are only examples, and the actual limits on your policy in relation to a free benefit may be subject to change.

Child Born into the Medical Insurance Plan

The second type of way by which a China medical insurance policy may offer newborn child coverage is by having the child Born Into the Plan.

Having a child born into the parent(s) existing medical insurance policy will incur a premium charge – you will have to pay to include the infant on your health insurance plan – but guarantees that the child will be able to receive continuing coverage for life in the event that they are born with a severe medical condition or congenital birth defect.

Simply inform the insurance company that you have given birth within 4 weeks of the delivery, and advise them that you would like to add the infant to your policy (if this is possible under the terms and conditions of the plan). Because the China Health Insurance policies we work with are normally guaranteed renewable for life, having your child born into a medical insurance plan will ensure that the infant has the comprehensive protection needed in the event of any serious healthcare situations developing.

Newborn Child Insurance Waiting Periods

Like a number of other coverage benefits a Newborn Child Insurance plan will normally be attached to a waiting period.

A waiting period is the length of time which you must have held a policy for before being able to claim for a specific coverage benefit. For more information about waiting periods please click Waiting Periods and China Health Insurance.

While a newborn child coverage benefit will normally come with a waiting period, the good news is that this waiting period is often much shorter than that which is associated with Maternity health insurance coverage. In the case of a Newborn Child Insurance coverage benefit, the waiting period is normally around 6 months from the start of the plan. This means that even if you are unable to complete the waiting period associated with a Maternity, or Pregnancy insurance coverage benefit due to the fact that you may already be pregnant, that you can still obtain comprehensive protection for your child.

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