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China Health Insurance can help expatriates find Beijing health insurance coverage that meets their needs during their time in Beijing and beyond. Being China-based ourselves we understand the unique challenges of finding an insurance plan that provides the benefits you need.

In recent years Beijing has seen an increasing number of private hospitals pop up to provide health care services superior to the public hospitals in the city in order to cater to demand for better services from a growing population of expatriates and affluent Chinese people. While Beijing does have a number of public hospitals that are capable of providing more than adequate services, the wards with foreign language capabilities which are designed for expatriates are vastly more expensive than the regular public wards and in some cases may even be on par with costs associated with private hospitals.

Beijing now offers a number of high quality hospitals and clinics including the International Medical Center, the Hong Kong International Medical Clinic and the International SOS Clinic as well as specialty clinics such as the American Sino OB-Gyn Service. Thankfully, many of the insurance providers that China Health Insurance works with will often have direct settlement networks that include such hospitals as these meaning that not only will the hospital expenses be covered, but the process of claiming is as painless as possible.

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Our insurance consultants can provide you free comparative quotes on Beijing health insurance plans and advise you on premiums, coverage benefits and many of the other fine points of your Beijing health insurance policy.

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