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We can provide foreigners and expatriates with quotes on private Shanghai health insurance policies. The policies that we work with can provide extensive coverage and can often be tailored to provide you specific benefits you may need, such as maternity insurance or dental.

As China’s financial center, Shanghai attracts a great number of expatriates and wealthy local Chinese to the city. This influx in combination with the continuing development of the city has lead to increased demand for higher quality healthcare. While many local hospitals and clinics have improved their standard of care and many even contain wards for foreigners such as Huashan Hospital. To further meet the demand for quality medical services, companies have been allowed to establish a number of private hospitals that provide world class health care services and specialties.

While this has led to the establishment of excellent facilities such as Parkway Health or United Family Hospitals and Clinics, which provide international standards of care, such treatment is very expensive. However, as China Health Insurance is based in Shanghai we understand how important it is to have access not only to good medical services, but to those that are in your language and can help you feel more comfortable. We can provide you with Shanghai health insurance that can protect you from the high costs found in the top medical facilities in Shanghai.

Free Shanghai Health Insurance Quotes

Our knowledgeable advisers at China Health Insurance can provide you free quotations comparing Shanghai health insurance plans that can provide you the coverage you need. With our localized knowledge of Shanghai health insurance and health care, we can help you find the right coverage.

To get started on finding the right Shanghai health insurance plan, feel free to either complete the short form at the top of the page or click here to set up a time for our advisers to get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can come down to our office in Shanghai and meet with our advisers in person.