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Selecting the Best Health Insurance Plan

At China Health Insurance we strive to help our clients find the best health insurance plans to meet their needs. Combining our knowledgeable health insurance consultants and the numerous leading international insurance companies that we work with, we are often able to help people find the best fitting health insurance plan as well as building out optional benefits to cover any eventuality.

Our experts can analyze and assess plan suitability based on coverage, organizational support and premium trends, and while some clients are more than happy for the assistance in sifting through the fine print of international health insurance policies, some feel more comfortable with the process when they have a better understanding of what they’re looking for. For this purpose we have put together a number of resources that will help you form a basic understanding of the health insurance products our experts can advise on and the questions you need to ask and the coverage options you need to consider when pursuing the best health insurance plan for you.

Choosing the Best Health Insurance Plan for you

What are the factors that need to be analyzed when assessing what health insurance plan is the best for you? How is an insurance company’s history of claims handling? Do you want a plan that carries a number of exclusions to help keep the premium down? All of these and more bear consideration when we help you search for the best medical insurance policies for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about International Health Insurance

What plans can you take out? What do they cover? How do I even go about making a claim for medical treatment? How long will my plan last? These are all questions that come up frequently which we have compiled into an easily accessible and understandable resource to improve your grasp of how your policy works.

What is International Medical Insurance?

What is the difference between an international medical insurance policy and a local health insurance policy in China? Different medical insurance products will cover different things, both in terms of the amount and types of medical treatment they will pay out for as well as in terms of being able to take your medical insurance policy with you when you leave China or travel abroad. It’s important to know what differences there are and what best suits your medical insurance needs.

Do I need Medical Insurance?

What considerations do you need to make when deciding what is the best medical insurance plan for you, or even if you need a medical insurance plan at all? Its important to deliberate the long term implications of your decision as well as the possibilities for abrupt accidents.

Should I be Considering an Onshore or Offshore Health Plan?

Residents in China have an array of options available to them when taking out a health insurance policy, which is why it is important to understand the differences between Offshore and Onshore policies and how the differences may make it a better health insurance plan for you. This resource can help you get a handle on what some of the general benefits of the respective types of plans are, which should help you refine your search for the best health insurance plan for you.

Free Quotes to Help You Find the Best Health Insurance

Our team of experienced insurance consultants takes pride in being able to help our customers find medical insurance policies that best provide them with the cover and benefits they need. Whether its just to cover any major costs that could arise from an unexpected trip to the hospital or a plan that can provide full maternity and comprehensive benefits to your family.

For a free quote you can either fill out the short form at the top of the page or simply click Contact Us Now, to get in touch with our advisers and get started on searching for the best medical insurance plan for you.

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