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Family Medical Insurance policies in China are a great way to protect your loved ones against the costs of medical care in the country, while ensuring that your family is able to receive comprehensive medical services in the event of a severe illness or injury.

Designed to provide protection to family units, a Family Health Insurance policy is perfect for expatriate families with one or more children. If you’re a single parent with a child then these plans will also work for you, ensuring that your infant has complete coverage for all of those GP checkups and school vaccinations.

If you’re thinking about starting a family while you’re in China, or if you already have a family and want protection against Chinese healthcare costs, whilst being able to access superior hospitals like the Beijing United Family Hospital, a Family Medical Insurance policy from China Health Insurance will have you covered.

Family Medical Insurance Coverage in China

The China Family Health Insurance plans we work with are able to provide you and your loved ones with a wide range of comprehensive coverage options. Family medical insurance plans in China can often be tailored to meet the specific coverage needs of your family – the expert brokers at China Health Insurance will work with you to find the plan which best meets your requirements and can often provide bespoke coverage options in the event that no existing plan includes all of the benefits you wish to obtain.

Coverage under Family Medical Insurance in China can include protection for:

The above benefits are only a sample of the many coverage benefits on offer through China Health Insurance.

If there is a specific type of coverage that you would like to receive protection for, but is not included in the above links, our Expert Brokers will be happy to assist in finding you the right health insurance plan for families.

International Family Health Insurance

A majority of the China Family Health Insurance plans that we work with will actually provide worldwide protection to you and your loved ones. While you are normally able to select exactly where you receive coverage under a policy, it is typical that most of the plans that China Health Insurance works with will cover your family on a global basis.

This means that no matter where you go, your plan will continue providing the comprehensive protection you require, even if you leave China.

In addition to this, and because of the international aspect of these policies, you are able to choose where you would like to receive your family’s medical treatment. An International China Medical Insurance policy will allow you the freedom to choose which doctor or hospital you want to use, anywhere in the world. If the best hospital for a certain medical condition is located in Hong Kong or Thailand you are able to receive coverage when attending that facility for your care; despite the fact that you may be a resident in China.

Furthermore, one great aspect of a China Family Medical Insurance plan from China Health Insurance is that the plans we offer are normally guaranteed renewable for life – ensuring that your children will always have protection for as long as they require it.

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