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Group Health Insurance in China

China Health Insurance is a specialist in providing comprehensive group medical insurance plans to companies, social groups and sports teams throughout the People’s Republic of China. If you have a group of 3 or more people whom you would like to arrange medical insurance protection for, then China Health Insurance can help to find you the best policy available.

The Company Medical Insurance and Group Medical Insurance plans on offer from China Health Insurance can be tailored to reflect the unique needs of your organization. We can provide options which will afford more senior members of the group with more comprehensive coverage, whilst enabling the junior members to receive basic protection if you should so choose. In many cases it may even be possible for China Health Insurance to create a bespoke group medical insurance plan which is entirely unique to your organization and based on the group’s distinctive requirements.

China Group Health Insurance Coverage

As mentioned above, Group medical insurance plans from China health insurance are extremely flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our expert medical insurance brokers will work with your group, whether it is the company’s HR department or the Team’s manager, and help to find the policy which includes all of the coverage benefits you need.

Coverage under a China Group Health Insurance policy can include protection for:

Group PlansOne major aspect of the group health insurance coverage we are able to offer in China is the possibility of providing coverage for any and all pre-existing medical conditions which may be present within the group.

A Medical History Disregarded, or MHD Benefit, which is typically only available to groups of 20 or more people, this type of coverage will ensure that any medical conditions which group members may have had prior to enrolling on the plan will be able to be covered by the policy.

For more information about pre-existing medical conditions please click Pre-Existing Medical Condition Insurance.

China Group Medical Insurance Wordwide

A core benefit of the China Group medical insurance plans which we work with can be found in the worldwide nature of these policies. Simply put, a group medical insurance policy from China Health Insurance will normally provide protection for group members on a global basis – no matter where the policyholder goes the plan will normally be able to travel with them and continue providing uninterrupted coverage.

This can be a vital feature of a group medical policy for a company which has employees frequently traveling overseas for business, and ensures that the employees do not have to continually purchase short term travel insurance coverage each time they travel abroad.

Moreover, due to the flexible nature of these types of plans, in most cases if a member leaves the group they will normally be allowed to switch their cover to an Individual Health Insurance policy with the same insurance company. This allows for a great deal of freedom and flexibility and ensures that your group members will always have the support they need even if they should decide to leave the organization.

Free Group Health Insurance Quotes in China

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