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Individual Plans

Individual China Health Insurance plans are specially designed to protect single persons living or traveling in China against the costs associated with healthcare in the country. We also offer comprehensive individual policies which provide protection to Chinese nationals in China; ensuring that no matter who you are, or where you may be going, that your medical insurance plan will have you covered.

At China Health Insurance we have extensive relationships with some of the world’s top insurance companies. Because of these relationships we are able to provide expansive Chinese medical insurance options to you that may not be available anywhere else.


Individual Health Insurance Coverage in China

The individual health insurance options in China that we work with can provide you with countless different coverage options. Our expert team of brokers will work with you to identify the coverage you require not just now, but also many years into the future.

Coverage benefits on offer under an Individual China Medical Insurance plan can include:

The above links represent some of the many individual health insurance options we are able to offer in China. If there is a specific type of cover that you would like to obtain please let us know and we’ll work to find a plan which includes it.


Individual Health Insurance around the World

One of the major benefits of an individual medical insurance plan from China Health Insurance is the fact that these policies will often provide you with worldwide coverage.

You read that right – Worldwide Protection; No Matter where on earth you may go, your plan will normally travel with you ensuring that you have the vital protection you need around the world.

In addition to this, our medical insurance plans are typically guaranteed renewable for life. This means that you are able to continue renewing your coverage each year for as long as you need it, secure in the knowledge that it is up to you to decide how long you want protection. Furthermore, policies from China Health Insurance will also normally allow you freedom to choose where you receive your medical treatment, enabling you to seek the best healthcare with the doctor or hospital or your choice anywhere on earth.


Individual Health Insurance Premiums in China

When you purchase an individual medical insurance policy from us your premium will normally be community rated.

A community rating means that everyone of the same age, with the same coverage and in the same coverage area will pay the same premium.

With an individual health insurance policy from China Health Insurance you can be confident that making a claim under your plan will not result in a higher premium, your medical (or claims) history will not impact the cost of your plan when you renew. This allows you to receive the healthcare you need, when you need it, without having to worry about an inflated cost because you have had treatment.

However, as one of the premium variables is your age, it should be noted that the cost of your plan will normally increase as you get older. This is due to the fact that older individuals normally suffer more health problems than their younger peers. However, the increases are extremely manageable, and our dedicated in-house administration department will ensure that you are fully aware of any premium increases you may experience when you renew the plan – enabling you to forecast and budget for any price rises.

If you would like to learn more about how our health insurance premiums are calculated please click China Health Insurance premiums for further information.


Health Insurance for Expatriates : Inpatient Care and Hospitalization in China

Inpatient medical treatment is normally defined as Any medical treatment at a hospital or similar facility where an overnight stay is required. Simply put, if you go to hospital for treatment, such as a surgical procedure, and you remain in hospital for one or more nights, then you are an inpatient.

Inpatient health insurance coverage will typically form the core of any Health Insurance plan for expatriates – this type of protection must usually be purchased in order to receive additional benefits under the policy.

The costs of inpatient medical care are usually far greater than those of any other type of healthcare treatment you will ever receive – a single stay in hospital for a serious medical condition can easily surpass the cost of all outpatient healthcare you have ever received in your life.

A majority of the Inpatient medical insurance policies on offer from China Health Insurance will normally allow you the freedom to choose where you receive your healthcare treatment; enabling you to seek treatment from the doctor or medical facility of your choice, anywhere in the world, and gives you the ability to control the quality of the healthcare that you receive.

Inpatient Health Insurance Coverage for Expatriates in China

An Inpatient medical insurance policy for expatriates in China will usually allow for the coverage of costs associated with:

  • Accommodation at a hospital or medical facility.
  • Costs associated with accidents and emergencies, intensive care, and surgeries.
  • All medications and prescriptions while in hospital.
  • Organ transplants.
  • Prosthesis.
  • X-rays, pathology, diagnostic tests and procedures.
  • Ambulance transportation.
  • Accidental damage to natural teeth.
  • MRI, PET, and CT scans.
  • Oncology tests, drugs, and cover for chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • All post hospitalization treatment received within 90 days of being discharged.
  • Physiotherapy from a registered physical therapist when referred by a medical practitioner, consultant, or specialist.

While inpatient health insurance coverage will generally provide protection against the costs arising from medical care in the event that an overnight stay in hospital is necessary the specifics of this type of coverage will normally vary between each insurance company. As such, it is important that you check with your provider as to exactly what is covered under your policy.


Outpatient Health Insurance Plans in China

Outpatient health insurance is normally available in addition to inpatient coverage under a China health insurance policy.

For more information about inpatient protection please see Inpatient Health Insurance .

Outpatient medical treatment is typically defined as: Treatment provided in the practice or surgery of a therapist, specialist, or general medical practitioner which does not require an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility.

This type of health insurance coverage is generally used to protect you against the costs associated with day-to-day healthcare, such as Doctor’s checkups or simple diagnostic tests, and can prove especially useful for families with young children who may require a number of doctors visits throughout the course of a year.

Claims made for outpatient healthcare are often smaller than claims made for inpatient healthcare, however it is normal that you will have more outpatient visits throughout the year than you will have inpatient – making this type of coverage handy in terms of managing your small, ongoing medical expenses.

China Outpatient Medical Insurance Coverage

As with all the insurance options from China Health Insurance the specifics of an outpatient medical insurance plan will usually vary depending on the insurance company you choose to purchase your plan from. However, there are a number of benefits included under outpatient health insurance which will often be found on the plans offered by a majority of insurance providers.

Typical benefits for an Outpatient health insurance plan will normally include protection against the costs associated with:

  • Primary consultations and treatment, including prescribed medicines, drugs, dressings, and medical practitioner fees.
  • X-rays, pathology, diagnostic tests and procedures.
  • Psychiatric treatment after 12 months of continuous cover.
  • Complementary medicine when referred by a qualified medical practitioner in the form of, osteopathic, chiropractic, homeopathic and acupuncture treatment.
  • MRI, PET, and CT scans.
  • Out-patient surgical operations.
  • Oncology tests, treatments and drugs, including Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.
  • Physical therapy by a registered physiotherapist when referred by a medical practitioner, consultant, or specialist.

Because China Health Insurance is able to offer outpatient health insurance options from more than 60 leading international health insurance companies it is important that you advise us as to exactly what you would like to receive protection for under this portion of your plan. Once you have identified a suitable insurance company we would then recommend that you check the details of the coverage to ensure that the policy will offer the protection that you require – our expert China medical insurance consultations will be more than happy to assist you in this regard.


Emergency Evacuation Insurance in China

An Emergency Evacuation coverage benefit is available with most of the medical insurance plans from China Health Insurance.

In the event that you experience a medical emergency, either through contracting a serious disease or suffering from a major accident, an Emergency Evacuation coverage benefit under a China medical insurance plan will ensure that you are able to be transported to a quality medical facility without having to pay for the costs of that transportation.

Typical Emergency Medical Evacuation scenarios can easily reach US$ 100,000 or more due to the fact that this type of transportation may include Air Fares, accompanying doctors, or even helicopter evacuation services if you are in a more remote part of the world.

For example, if you experience a major accident while trekking in Tibet – such as falling and breaking your leg on a remote mountain – getting to a hospital (or even a clinic) which will be able to provide assistance can be a challenge. Depending on your location the nearest facility which is able to help may be many hours away.

In this situation, and if your insurance policy offered an Emergency Evacuation coverage benefit, you could contact the insurer with your mobile phone and enlist their help to get you evacuated to the medical care which you need.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage

An Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage benefit doesn’t even have to solely relate to excursions in remote parts of China.

In the event that you are admitted to a hospital for treatment and the hospital is unable to treat the condition, or provide a suitable standard of care, then a request can be made for an evacuation to the nearest “center of medical excellence” which is able to provide the necessary care.

Depending on the part of the world which you are located in this evacuation could mean that you are transported to another hospital within the same country or to another country entirely. Furthermore, many Emergency Evacuation coverage benefits will also include protection for Repatriation – enabling you to return to your home country for treatment if the situation necessitates it.

Unfortunately a policyholder cannot unilaterally request an emergency medical evacuation – the request must be approved, and agreed to, by both the insurance company and the attending medical professionals at the medical facility which you were admitted to. Ultimately, the decision to evacuate, or not to evacuate within a hospital setting will be based on medical necessity and whether or not the treating facility has the capability to care for your condition.

A final aspect of an Emergency Evacuation coverage benefit is the typical inclusion of coverage for the repatriation of the policyholder’s mortal remains. In the unfortunate event of a policyholder's death, the majority of emergency evacuation plans will cover the costs of transporting the policyholder's remains back to their home country. They will also arrange for such things as embalming and a zinc coffin. In many cases cremation will only be covered if it is a legal necessity.

Free China Health Insurance Quotes

If you would like to receive a free quote for an emergency evacuation health insurance plan simply complete the short form at the top of this page – our expert advisors will be happy to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of the many plans which may be suitable for your needs.

Alternatively, you can also contact China Health Insurance today to speak with one of our advisors about all the coverage options which we are currently able to offer.


Traditional Chinese Medicine and Alternative Health Care Insurance

Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Alternative Health Care Treatments such as acupuncture and osteopathy are enjoying a resurgence in many places around the world, and they often play an important part in the life of many in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is available in many places all across China and a growing number of people are searching for Health Insurance plans that cover TCM and other alternative medical treatments.

Alternative Health Care Insurance Coverage

China Health Insurance can help you compare and select health insurance with alternative medical benefits that will offer cover for traditional Chinese medical treatment. Typically an alternative health care insurance plan with a traditional Chinese medical benefit will be included in an out-patient option that provides cover for “alternative therapies” such as:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Acupuncture
  • Osteopathy (Bone Setting)
  • Homeopathy
  • Chiropractic Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine Insurance Benefits

A traditional Chinese medicine benefit can provide cover for acupuncture and herbal medicine. Most plans that cover traditional Chinese and alternative medicine treatments will not have a waiting period for these benefits. However, this can change between insurance companies and plans, so it is important to talk to one of our specialists and see if a waiting period will apply.


Free Traditional Chinese Medical Insurance Quotes

If you would like to know more about a plan that covers traditional Chinese medicine, or other alternative medicines, we can help. Our advisers have expert knowledge of China and the Chinese health system, we can provide total support for your plan and can assist with any difficulties that you may have.

For a free quote you can either fill out the short form at the top of the page or you can click contact us to get in touch with one of our experienced brokers to learn more about what traditional Chinese medicine health insurance options are available to you or what other benefits may be important to you.

          Questions and Answers from Visitors

          1. Abed:

            Dear Sir/Mdm,

            We request for quote a Outpatient and Hospitalization Health Insurance for my daughter 16 years old that she will study in Suzhou on April 2013. FYI we are an Indonesian Nationality
            Please kindly advise me what Insurance Company could cover for foreign student in Suzhou / Shanghai Hospital with affordable premium.

            We look forward to hear from you asap
            Thank you

            Best regards


            1. Hermine:

              China Health Insurance works together with a range of international insurance companies that offer comprehensive insurance plans in China. The companies are licensed in China, meaning they have offices there, and allowing you to pay in the local currency. The best advantage of these insurance companies is that they offer direct billing for outpatient treatment within the direct billing network without having to pay first and then claim; the outpatient bill will go directly to the insurance company. Insurance companies such as NOW China Health offer child-alone policies and provide comprehensive cover at good direct billing facilities, including high cost providers, such as Parkway and United Family in Shanghai and Beijing. With the “Direct Settlement” option, your daughter can choose to have no out-of-pocket expenses when seeking medical treatment inside the direct billing network. NOW provide comprehensive and very price competitive insurance plans.


          2. Renyi:

            Currently I'm working for US company in Shanghai, I and my family will like to discuss health insurance with my company, I will also like to hear your advise.


            1. Valerie:

              Thank you for your enquiry. We are a leading global insurance advisor with over 100,000 clients. Our headquarters is in Hong Kong and we also have offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Dubai. Globally we work with more than 55 insurers including all the leading licensed insurance companies in China.

              We will be more than glad to send you some options but in order for us to do that, please provide us with some details on you and your family including Date of Birth, Nationality, Country of Cover of cover required as well as the level of coverage required, etc.

              Our service is free and includes assistance over the phone and by email. Since we also have an office in Shanghai, our sales representative from the Shanghai office will be more than glad to phone you and go through some options. We can also schedule a face to face meeting if required.

              In addition, we will be happy to process all of the administration, claims, paperwork during the year and we would be your point of contact when dealing with the Insurer.


          3. Boyet:

            Please provide me quotation of the price of medical insurance coverage (hospitalization) for one year. I am working and residing in Beijing as an expatriates.


          4. Heather:

            China Health Insurance works with plenty of international health insurance companies providing expats with cover in Beijing, China, as well as worldwide.

            Insurance plans can cover you at the most popular expat hospitals in Beijing, like United Family or Parkway. With a few details from you, we quickly provide customized quotes based on your specific needs.

            Is cashless medical treatment is important to you? Many insurance companies can arrange direct billing for you, to ensure the bill for treatment is settled between the insurance company and the hospital - there is no out of pocket expense for you.

            Whether you are looking for a comprehensive insurance plan covering you for benefits like maternity, dental, and health checks, or would like a plan for unplanned medical emergencies and hospitalizations, we here at CHI can match you with the best solution.

            Applications are quick and easy, so your international health insurance can begin right away.


          5. Juri :

            I am a danish medical student, who is doing 2 months of clinical work in a chinese hospital in hong kong. I need a medical malpractice insurance for the clinical stay, do you offer this?


            1. Christopher:

              Unfortunately we don’t offer medical malpractice insurance.

              We offer short term medical insurance and long term cover (annual policies). Both are available for local nationals and expats domestically and internationally. Regions that are covered include Worldwide, Worldwide excluding USA. Africa, Europe.

              Providers we work with include Allianz, Bupa, AXA, AETNA, William Russell, Interglobal, NOW Health as well as a number of other insurers. Cover ranges from inpatient only, outpatient, dental, maternity and can include emergency evacuation for medical emergencies.

              China Health Insurance offers a bespoke service to its clients providing suitable options from the marketplace, assisting through the application process, liaising with the insurer on your behalf and assisting you through the claims process with our dedicated claim department.


          6. Matt:


            I'm moving with the family to Shenzhen and am looking for some relevant health coverage. I am looking for someone to present some options and I was wondering if you deal with Shenzhen expats at all?


            Matt Cole


            1. Jason:

              Hi Matt, thanks for your enquiry. Yes, as a locally based broker we can provide health insurance solutions for families in Shenzhen. With offices in China and Hong Kong, our consultants are available on the same time zone as you to assist with you impartial quotes to review. Our free service does not stop there, and we are available to you throughout your policy year to assist with claims, administration and any other queries to make your life easier. We have sent you an email to get some further details, and look forward to your feedback!


          7. Warren :

            Dear Allianz

            I am looking for Health Insurance as I am an Expat working in China, I also travel within the Asian Region and EU.

            I also would like Life Insurance.

            I currently do not have insurnace, please avcise what you can offer me.

            I wish to start the plan 28/02/2013.. by annual payments

            Please advise what you can offer


            Warren Williams


            1. Darren M.:

              Being one of Asia largest insurance intermediaries we work closely with Allianz and many other recognisable insurers such as Aetna Huatai, Bupa, Cigna CMC, ICBC AXA, NOW China Health Intl and MSH to name a few. We will help you compare plans from many of these insurers and offer our experienced, impartial advice to help you find a suitable insurance solution. All insurers provide comprehensive international medical insurance policy benefits that will medically cover you in China and when you travel abroad. The benefits offered include in-patient care (Hospitalisation, surgeries, emergencies, major illnesses, medical evacuations), out-patient (doctor visits, advanced imagery, prescribed medication, specialist consultations and long term medication), as well as the option to add-on routine and major dentistry and annual health-checks. Most insurers provide access to extensive out-patient direct billing networks in China, making the process of receiving treatment hassle-free.

              We can also provide a life insurance comparison with MSH and Friends Provident and through our Hong Kong office - Australian Life insurance companies TAL and Asteron, both of whom offer the option to include Critical Illness and Total & Permanent Disability benefits either built-in to the policy amount or standard alone - at either stepped or levelled premiums.


          8. addy:

            I am in Jingzhou, Hubei,China and i want to buy medical insurance for me and my family. please contact with me.


            1. Heather:

              China Health Insurance can help you in finding international health insurance for you and your family. We have over 40 different health insurance companies for expats, and based on your requirements, we can quote you options for your budget and requirements.

              We work with the top international health insurance providers, like Bupa, Cigna, Aetna, Allianz and Now Health.

              It is an important decision: which carrier will be most suited for your family? There are excellent health insurance packages that can include wellness benefits like health checkups and vaccinations for your child. These can be costly to have to pay for out of your own pocket, therefore you may want to consider a plan which covers these.

              Are you planning on growing your family? Choose to have maternity insurance with your international expat health insurance and you will be able to give birth at some of the best expat hospitals in China.


          9. Tongyu:

            AS USA retired PartA+Part B plan, Could be transfer to any international insurance company to add a part D program used in China?


            1. John:

              US Medicare is built for coverage in the US only, while Medicare will offer very limited coverage when outside of the US, the benefits are drastically lowered and limits are applied to make the coverage impractical to be fully secure and there is only a limited time frame you can be outside of the US. If you plan on living permanently in China or elsewhere outside of the US its best to look at a plan that offers the same type of coverage and benefits but with a international provider that will be more hassle free all around and come without restrictions.


          10. jooley:

            I am interested in full health insurance for my 24 year old son who is working in Henan China. could you give me options and prices please. regards.


            1. John:

              China Health Insurance works with over 30 of the top international insurance providers, all of these providers would be available to your son depending on his needs. Upon gathering more information on his situation we will be able to tailor built a plan that fits his needs and provides both yourself and your son with piece of mind while he is in China. One of our dedicated advisor will contact you short to get a better idea of your needs and provide you with a custom range of plans.


          11. Ann:


            We have the Belgian nationality and live in China. We have a travelinsurance in case of illness or accident but we are now looking for a travel cancellation insurance.
            Can you offer us a travel cancellation insurance for the whole family on a yearly base please?

            Thank you very much!

            Beste regards



            1. Philippe:

              Dear Ann, thank you very much for your message. It’s my pleasure to help you out with your query. We have helped many of our dear clients asking the same questions: "If I have to cancel my trip can I afford to lose all the money that I have invested in it?" or "What happens if there is an emergency at home that requires me to cut my trip short?" China Health Insurance offers an excellent solution for travel insurance and trip cancellation trough IHI BUPA or IMG Patriot. For over 30 years international health and travel insurance has been IHI BUPA’s and IMG's specialty. Trip Cancellation though IHI BUPA or IMG Patriot provides coverage starting the day you purchase your policy up to the day you leave on your trip. Should you have to cancel your trip due to unexpected or unforeseen covered risks, the death of an immediate family member, or unexpected job loss, the trip cancellation portion of this insurance can help cover non-refundable pre-paid travel expenses. I will be in contact with you to send you more information and details of the IHI BUPA or IMG Patriot insurance plans.


          12. Yin :

            Interested in knowing more about basic in patient cover, dental care, and maternity cover. Based in Beijing.


            1. William:

              When taking a basic Inpatient only health insurance plan you will gain cover for medical treatment that is required as an inpatient after being hospitalized.
              An inpatient is a patient who is "admitted" to the hospital. When admitted to hospital you will be provided with an admission note. Patients are often admitted to hospital due to serious injury or illness and they may be required to stay overnight and in many cases for a longer period of time possibly several days or even weeks. All treatment during this time as an inpatient will be covered by the insurer and all costs will be handled directly by the insurers, so no payment is required by yourself unless you have chosen a deductable with your plan.

              This process is known as direct billing and is available for all inpatient treatment for medical treatment that is covered by your chosen plan. The hospital will simply obtain your insurance details, found on your insurance card (provided by the insurer) and then will contact the insurer on your behalf, meaning a hassle free process for yourself.

              You can choose to receive treatment at any hospital you choose and many plans offer evacuation benefits whereby if the hospital cannot provide adequate treatment then you will be taken to the closest hospital that can treat your condition.

              Basic inpatient cover can be obtained through all of the insurers that we work with including BUPA,Cigna, Aetna and many others.

              Obtaining a health insurance plan that offers inpatient only cover is often significantly less expensive than plans that give fully comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cover.

              Dental care is often offered with more comprehensive plans and will usually include a waiting period whereby you must wait until the waiting period is over until you can receive treatment that is paid for by the insurer. Dental benefits vary from insurer to insurer and can cover anything from accidental damage, routine check-ups to more comprehensive orthodontic treatment.
              Maternity benefits are available from many companies that CHI work with, and are available with a waiting period usually ranging from 10-12 months. Maternity benefits can cover all elements of a pregnancy from complications and scans to the birth and can cover c-sections.

              Maternity benefits differ depending on the insurer amongst the most popular insurers are BUPA, Cigna and NOW health who offer the most comprehensive maternity packages.


          13. Melody:

            I am a previous client of yours. I have returned to China and am looking for coverage that would take care of doctors visits, medications, emergenies and maternity. I am also wondering what your waiting period is for the maternity insurance and under what circumstances you will waive the maternity waiting period (i.e. paying more of a premium etc).

            Thank you for your time,


            1. Pierre:

              Thank you for your message and for choosing our services. Yes we can offer comprehensive medical insurance plans in China for Inpatient + Outpatient, as well as dental and maternity. These will cover you in the event of an hospitalization, doctor visits, specialist visits, and the delivery under the maternity benefits. Unfortunately the maternity waiting period cannot be waived as it is set by the insurance provider. The shortest in China being 10 months. I would suggest we look into insurers such as CIGNA and BUPA which offer the most comprehensive maternity plans. However, other insurers such as NOW Health, MSH, ICBC-AXA, or Aetna also offer complete plans with maternity.


          14. jose :

            Can one of your agents come to our office and explain to us and quote us here?


          15. Nicole:

            Hello, we are an international family. My husband is Chinese and I am American. We have one baby and reside in China. We are looking for a health insurance provider that can cover all of us.


            1. Jason:

              Hi Nicole, thank you for your enquiry. In short, yes we can provide coverage for your family all under one plan here in China. As an international broker we work with many international as well as locally licensed insurers and as a result can find a solution for almost every client’s personal situation and requirements. Taking a plan as family has many aspects to consider and we are here to ensure you have the best level of cover for yourself as adults, as well as your child’s needs. Some of the benefits you can consider over and above standard inpatient & outpatient care are dental, maternity and child wellness/vaccinations which can all prove to be costly at high cost international hospitals. We will be in contact with you to obtain some additional information, and with that provide an impartial and free quote for you to review. Thanks again.


          16. Elly:


            I am studying in one of the universities in Central South China. I am covered by insurance which is paid by the Chinese Scholarship Council however, my daughter (4 years old) is not. Please advise on how to ensure she is also insured.

            Cheers, Elly


            1. Jason:

              Hi Elly, thanks for getting in touch. As the largest broker in China, we work with over 30 insurance companies around the world, however, coverage options for children insured on their own are unfortunately limited. That said, we still work with highly reputable insurers who are able to offer this. The level of cover does vary, and you can select the most suitable options for your requirements. Typical levels of cover would range from comprehensive inpatient (hospital) cover as a base to include additional benefits for outpatient treatment at GP or Specialist. The option is up to you, and based on your budget, we can find the most suitable level of cover. Our services do not stop at finding the right plan for you though, and we are here to assist with all administration, claims and any queries throughout your policy year (pretty much all the stuff you don’t want to!). Our free service ensures we are your single point of contact to make your experience as hassle free and efficient as possible. One of our advisors will be in touch via email to get a bit more info and prepare a comparative quote thereafter. Thanks again!


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