Your Health Insurance Experts

China Health Insurance has many years of experience working in the field of international health insurance. This has allowed us to build strong relationships with many of the worlds top international insurance companies. The companies that we choose to work with are always dedicated to offering the best international insurance products and services possible. From claims handling to plan administration, the insurance companies we work with exemplify the best aspects of any international health insurer.

International Insurance Companies That We Choose to Work With

We can offer expert advice on any plan offered by one of these international insurance companies. With an international staff of expert advisors, China Health Insurance can help you to make an informed decision about any international health insurance policy.

We are not limited to working with the insurance companies listed above. Being an independent advisor, we are always looking for new companies that can provide the quality of service to better help you. You will never have to pay extra because of working with us, we get paid by the insurance company directly, and only if you decide to purchase the policy.

If you would like more information about an international health insurance plan, or would like to receive a free quote from one of these companies, please contact us.