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One of the world leaders in providing comprehensive medical insurance policies, Aetna has health insurance plans for dental, maternity, groups, and long term care. Aetna has a strong support network, and works to help you find the best hospitals and doctors anywhere in the world. This means that you can remain confident that no matter where you may be geographically located you will always have access to the highest quality treatment available. With a plan from Aetna China you also get a comprehensive direct settlement network that will enable you to receive high quality treatment without any hassle regarding payments.

Aetna is dedicated to helping you feel secure, and can help you do so by using their core values of Integrity, Quality, Value, and Accountability. With a wide range of international health insurance plans, and a large service database, Aetna can help you find peace of mind. With 150 years of experience in the insurance industry, when you have a plan with Aetna you know that you're in good hands.

By providing affordable, portable, and comprehensive plans, Aetna China can help you find the right international health insurance plan. To learn more about international health insurance, or to receive a free quote, please contact us.

Huatai Insurance Group

Huatai Insurance Group of China are the nation's first nationwide joint-venture property insurance company. Incorporated in Beijing in 1996 by a collection of 63 large-scale businesses and enterprise groups, Huatai Insurance provide coverage for property, liability, accident and health insurance.

          Questions and Answers from Visitors

          1. Afshan Waheed:

            I would like to obtain a quote for Group Insurance of 3


            1. Mauricio:

              Dear Afshan,
              In regards to your question, yes we can provide you with a group insurance for 3 people.
              We are the biggest medical insurance intermediary in Asia and we have assisted many corporate clients all over the world with group insurance.Pacific Prime currently works with large international clients like Yahoo!, Goodyear, Wal-Mart, American Chamber of Commerce, Mckinsey and Company, L'Oreal, LVMH.
              Having a corporate policy can give you many benefits, including a corporate discount. Our team will assist you with finding the best plan to meet with your needs and requirements. We will also help you through the policy year and assist you with claims, adding more employees and policy renewal.
              For more information on group insurance, please submit a quote on the website or feel free to contact us directly.


          2. gabriela marsiglio:

            My daughter is going to attend a two month internship in Shanghai and I'm looking for health coverage. Could you please help me?
            Thank you


            1. Heather:

              Hi! We have some great travel medical insurance plans available for short term trips abroad. We have a wide range of short term health insurance providers which have comprehensive benefit to cover you for any unplanned illness or injury. Emergency evacuation is included as standard which means you will always be able to access the care needed.
              You can select your exact dates of travel, and if your trip ends up being longer than anticipated, you can easily extend online. The plans can be set up quickly and easily via an online link, so you can have your health insurance confirmation and card instantly. The plan will not only cover you in China, but also else ware in Asia and the rest of the world if your trip happens to take you to other countries.
              You can choose the level of cover/benefits you would like, suiting all types of requirements/budgets.


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