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With a corporate history starting in 1938, AXA has decades of experience in helping foreign nationals overseas. Constantly redefining and updating their plans, AXA has the ability to help you receive more from an international health insurance plan.

AXA was the first insurance company to fully reimburse clients for inpatient costs arising from private rooms. With well established links to many hospitals and health services around the world, AXA provides efficient service and claims handling, so you never have to worry about costly medical expenses. Multinational staff, regional offices, and clear communication channels help AXA to serve their clients better in regards to every aspect of an international health insurance plan.

When you are on an AXA PPP plan you have 24 hour access to health information services, can use the hospital and doctor of your choice, and will always have a team of personal advisors on standby to help with any situations that may arise. For more information about an AXA international health insurance plan, or to receive your free quote, please contact us.

AXA General Insurance

AXA General Insurance China LTD is a locally compliant insurance provider based in Shanghai, China.

This group are one of the most established in the whole insurance industry, as formation of the company dates back to 1817. Since then, AXA Group has expanded and services over 102 million clients in 57 countries, including China.

At the forefront of insurance, AXA General Insurance are able to offer various general insurance products that are suitable for locals in the China region. Some of their products include home protection, health, business, as well as other types of personal insurance. AXA General Insurance caters to both individuals and businesses alike.

Please contact us today to find out more about all that AXA General Insurance can do for you.