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    1. sheila:
      Mar 19, 2013 at 01:24 AM

      As Asia’s largest insurance intermediary we work closely with many recognisable international insurers such as Aetna Huatai (Aetna’s registered affiliate), ICBC AXA, Allianz, Bupa, NOW China Health Intl, Chartis, Cigna and MSH China. Based on the information you provide our initial quote, we will compare the benefits and premiums of 8-10 different insurers plan’s side-by-side. Because all plans look similar on paper, we will then help you compare the options and advise how each plan will work for him. Upon viewing these plans we recommend he select one or two insurers that may suit his requirements to look at in more detail. The benefits provided by most insurers are comprehensive and will medically cover him in Beijing and across China, and also when he travels abroad - excluding USA. These benefits include in-patient care (Hospitalisation, surgeries, emergencies, major illnesses, medical evacuations), out-patient (doctor visits, advanced imagery, prescribed medication, specialist consultations and long term medication), as well as the ability to add-on routine, major dentistry and annual health-checks. Most insurers provide members access to extensive out-patient direct billing networks in Beijing and throughout China. These include cover at international standard expat medical facilities as well as VIP centers at local hospitals and clinics. So rather than pay and claim the facilities bill the treatment costs direct to the insurer. A Chinese Tax Receipt (fa piao) can be issued by most insurers as well.

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