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  1. Warren :
    Feb 15, 2013 at 07:00 AM

    Dear Allianz

    I am looking for Health Insurance as I am an Expat working in China, I also travel within the Asian Region and EU.

    I also would like Life Insurance.

    I currently do not have insurnace, please avcise what you can offer me.

    I wish to start the plan 28/02/2013.. by annual payments

    Please advise what you can offer


    Warren Williams

    1. sheila:
      Feb 26, 2013 at 06:27 AM

      Being one of Asia largest insurance intermediaries we work closely with Allianz and many other recognisable insurers such as Aetna Huatai, Bupa, Cigna CMC, ICBC AXA, NOW China Health Intl and MSH to name a few. We will help you compare plans from many of these insurers and offer our experienced, impartial advice to help you find a suitable insurance solution. All insurers provide comprehensive international medical insurance policy benefits that will medically cover you in China and when you travel abroad. The benefits offered include in-patient care (Hospitalisation, surgeries, emergencies, major illnesses, medical evacuations), out-patient (doctor visits, advanced imagery, prescribed medication, specialist consultations and long term medication), as well as the option to add-on routine and major dentistry and annual health-checks. Most insurers provide access to extensive out-patient direct billing networks in China, making the process of receiving treatment hassle-free.

      We can also provide a life insurance comparison with MSH and Friends Provident and through our Hong Kong office - Australian Life insurance companies TAL and Asteron, both of whom offer the option to include Critical Illness and Total & Permanent Disability benefits either built-in to the policy amount or standard alone - at either stepped or levelled premiums.

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