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  1. Yin :
    Feb 25, 2013 at 03:17 AM

    Interested in knowing more about basic in patient cover, dental care, and maternity cover. Based in Beijing.

    1. sheila:
      Feb 26, 2013 at 06:39 AM

      When taking a basic Inpatient only health insurance plan you will gain cover for medical treatment that is required as an inpatient after being hospitalized.
      An inpatient is a patient who is "admitted" to the hospital. When admitted to hospital you will be provided with an admission note. Patients are often admitted to hospital due to serious injury or illness and they may be required to stay overnight and in many cases for a longer period of time possibly several days or even weeks. All treatment during this time as an inpatient will be covered by the insurer and all costs will be handled directly by the insurers, so no payment is required by yourself unless you have chosen a deductable with your plan.

      This process is known as direct billing and is available for all inpatient treatment for medical treatment that is covered by your chosen plan. The hospital will simply obtain your insurance details, found on your insurance card (provided by the insurer) and then will contact the insurer on your behalf, meaning a hassle free process for yourself.

      You can choose to receive treatment at any hospital you choose and many plans offer evacuation benefits whereby if the hospital cannot provide adequate treatment then you will be taken to the closest hospital that can treat your condition.

      Basic inpatient cover can be obtained through all of the insurers that we work with including BUPA,Cigna, Aetna and many others.

      Obtaining a health insurance plan that offers inpatient only cover is often significantly less expensive than plans that give fully comprehensive inpatient and outpatient cover.

      Dental care is often offered with more comprehensive plans and will usually include a waiting period whereby you must wait until the waiting period is over until you can receive treatment that is paid for by the insurer. Dental benefits vary from insurer to insurer and can cover anything from accidental damage, routine check-ups to more comprehensive orthodontic treatment.
      Maternity benefits are available from many companies that CHI work with, and are available with a waiting period usually ranging from 10-12 months. Maternity benefits can cover all elements of a pregnancy from complications and scans to the birth and can cover c-sections.

      Maternity benefits differ depending on the insurer amongst the most popular insurers are BUPA, Cigna and NOW health who offer the most comprehensive maternity packages.

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