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Expat Health Insurance in Singapore

Healthcare in Singapore

Ranked 3rd globally for its performance in health infrastructure, expats moving to Singapore will be spoiled for choice with the wide range of advanced medical facilities available. Although the country is known for its efficient healthcare, fees charged for medical treatment can easily skyrocket, so expats are highly advised to purchase Singapore health insurance.

Public healthcare in Singapore

All local Singaporeans and permanent residents are entitled to a mandatory security savings scheme that makes monthly contributions toward their healthcare expenses. This covers a plethora of medical expenses such as surgery, vaccinations, and cancer treatment. Most expats are not entitled to benefit from this scheme, and will have to seek private health insurance.

Public hospitals in Singapore are reputed for its impeccable hygiene standards and are all staffed with highly educated English-speaking medical professionals. Although public healthcare in Singapore is still relatively affordable compared to the US, fees can become very expensive especially for critical illness treatment.

Private healthcare in Singapore

In Singapore, 80% of primary care services are provided by private practitioners. Many expats go private because of the vast array of benefits offered in these facilities. Public hospitals, while still very advanced and modern in Singapore, can get crowded. As such, people are drawn to the shorter waiting times at private facilities.

Private facilities also offer benefits such as a more superior quality of care and comfort. Some private hospitals even offer premium toiletries, personalized ensuite bathrooms, and concierge service! These benefits come with a steep price tag which most expats simply cannot afford, meaning that they will need to secure private expat health insurance.


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Part of an international group with multiple offices in top expat destinations worldwide, Pacific Prime Singapore offers expert advice on health insurance solutions for expats in Singapore, in over 15 languages. Having established strong relationships with the world’s major insurance companies, Pacific Prime is able to offer the best value insurance plans on the market.

Pacific Prime offers a diverse range of insurance plans, including:

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