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Cigna was established in 1982 in a merger between the Insurance Company of North America (INA) and the Connecticut General Corporation (CG). Cigna is devoted to providing their customers full support and making sure that plans are fully portable around the world. With a solid background in providing life insurance, this insurer has since the 1980's had some of the most flexible and comprehensive health insurance plans on the market.

With an international reputation for excellence and service, Cigna is noted for delivering health insurance services to expatriates and their families around the world. Efficient claims and administration processes help to make Cigna one of the most reliable insurers in the market. Cigna has an active working relationship with SOS International, meaning that you get twice the service and coverage when you decide to take out a plan with this company.

For more information about plans from Cigna China or its partners, or to receive a free international health insurance quote, please contact us.

The international medical insurance market has grown quite rapidly in China in the past decade. One of the insurers that we get asked about most from our clients is Cigna, particularly by our American clients, or clients that have lived or worked in the US before. For quite a long time Cigna only offered group plans in China, which meant that they had to be purchased by your employer with the company as the policyholder, and there had to be at least 3-5 employees on the policy in order to be eligible. However, in 2011 Cigna also opened up their individual plans to clients in China, and since then there has been quite a positive response by clients looking for individual plans with Cigna. Cigna’s plans are modular based which means that you can pick and choose the level of cover that you want. They’re separated into inpatient, outpatient, dental, annual health check benefits, and evacuation cover, and you can pretty much pick and choose these modules as you’d like in order to create a plan that’s suitable for you. We’ve got a lot of experience helping our clients work with these modular plans, and selecting the benefits that will suit them best. If you are looking at a medical insurance plan, and if you’re interested in Cigna, then please come and talk to us and we’ll be happy to help.

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